Great minds think alike!

21st October 2020

I recently posted on instagram about how analogue sounding the Ayon CD10 II Signature sounded, playing Roon via USB.

The CD10 Ii Sig is a fantastic versatile player, not only does it play your CD’s but it also has 3 digital inputs, USB, SPIDF (RCA) and Toslink, best of all you can take advantage of the Signatures DSD upsampling to make things sound even better.

Now as a vinyl guy I thought this player was as close as I’ve heard to a great record player, but seems I’m not alone, having recently installed the CD10 for a new client I waited to receive his feedback.

“my wife and I have listened to so much more music since we installed the CD10, the player has more body, more bass, and we are hearing things, that whilst discernible before, are now much more obvious, singers in harmony for instance, whilst we previously knew there was 2 singers, now it’s even more obvious that you can hear two separate voices, in short this is a fantastic addition to my hifi, and even after tweaking my record player, the CD10 II Sig sounds better than my SME vinyl rig, a 1st for me, I’m delighted!”

Digital replay for me has finally come of age, no longer does it need to be the poor relation to a good record player, now it can sit happily alongside, meaning you can decide what format you want to play, great for all those recordings that are rare or very expensive on vinyl.

If you want to hear how good the Ayon CD10 II is (we have one on permanent dem), then please get in touch, or just get in touch if you want to see how we can enhance your listening experience.

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