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Valvet L2


Valve Preamp, 5 Line-Inputs, 3 Outputs, Ext. Power Supply.

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Long running pleasure:

The valve Line Preamplifier L2 is built in pursuit of a goal that is common to all VALVET amplifiers: the transmission of music free from artefact or manipulation, music that stimulates the senses!

A simple but well-thought-out circuit, short signal paths and the best, reliable components guarantee that your favourite music reaches you directly, thus producing long-term pleasure and satisfaction!
Employing vales in this circuit does not follow fashion. The design was chosen because with only one amplifying component per channel there is least technology to interfere with the music.

Sensations from the tube:

The L2 Preamplifier operates with just one dual triode of the 6SN7 type per channel. The circuit topology employed has a number of advantages: low distortion without feedback, excellent linearity and (for valves) low output impedance.
With an external power supply (as standard with valve rectification), hum interference is ruled out. The inputs are switched using a precision rotary switch, and all signal paths are hand wired with pure silver. The volume can be controlled by remote (Albs motorised pot).


5 high level inputs, input impedance 100 kOhm 3 outputs, output impedance 2.5 kOhm (either OUT + REC or OUT 1 + OUT 2 [for bi-amping])
10x, maximum output > 10 Volts
445 x 50 x 300, W x H x D, in [mm]- Preamplifier; 222 x 90 x 230, W x H x D, in [mm]- Powersupply
black pulver coated, steel base plate, the rest aluminium
4 mm, black or silver anodized, deep chromed at extra charge
The sound:
not the dull valve sound of the 1950s; but open, clear, dynamic with an impressive bass and gorgeous timbre

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