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Audionet PAM G2 (Single input)


With its uncompromising demands for the best sound, engineering, flexibility and ease of operation, the new PAM G2 represents the first choice for all true connoisseurs.

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Making Vinyl Fly
With the unique circuit, function and operating concept of the new PAM G2, Audionet has once again made a seminal technological advance. The new PAM G2 is an absolutely consistent High Performance system; the first phono pre-amplifier in the world to which not only two record players / pick-ups can be connected, but which includes an external, precision mains adaptor for a precise and ultra-stable current supply and a controller allowing the remote-control of all functions and the display of all settings on a large display. For the first time ever, we have enabled the remote selection of inputs; each input can be controlled and modified separately for amplification, input resistance and capacity, even during operation.

With its uncompromising demands for the best sound, engineering, flexibility and ease of operation, the new PAM G2 represents the first choice for all true connoisseurs.

The new PAM G2 plays records with a striking degree of informational diversity, revealing even the smallest of nuances with full emotion, convincing with its exquisite naturality and faithfulness to detail. The reproduction of fundamental low produces a deep-reaching sound and an authentic rhythm. The PAM G2 generates an astonishingly wide tonal range, producing a superbly sophisticated musical experience with the greatest degree of reality in which music is not played, but brought to life.

With settings for capacity, input resistance and variable amplification, the PAM G2 can be adapted to all high-end pick-ups. Its gilded parallel connections produce exceptional connectivity values. Operation with a precision external mains adapter EPS G2, EPX or controller EPC means the sound production of the PAM G2 can be extended even further.

Fitted with one phono input, the PAM G2 is suited to all users of record players and pick-ups. Amplification, input resistance and capacity are set on the rear of the device using three turn switches. The PAM G2 can also be fitted with a second input

Technical Data

Frequency response:
40 – 30,000 Hz (+/- 0.2 dB) 18 – 80,000 Hz (+/- 1.0 dB)
Subsonic filter: 4th order high-pass, fg = 8 Hz
Amplification: 38 dB, 48 dB, 58 dB, 68 dB (for 1 kHz) selectable at the rearor the EPC‘s remote control
Input resistance: 100 Ohm, 150 Ohm, 470 Ohm, 1 kOhm, 23 kOhm, 47 kOhm, 69 kOhm selectable on the rear or the EPC‘s remote control
Input capacity: 100 pF, 200 pF, 320 pF, 420 pF selectable at the rear or the EPC‘s remote control
SNR: < -103 dB @ 1 kHz (Gain = 38 dB) < -83 dB @ 1 kHz (Gain = 58 dB)
Output resistance: RCA 22 Ohm real XLR 94 Ohm real
Output voltage: 6 V @ 58 dB amplification
Mains: 230 V, 50…60 Hz
Power consumption: Stand by < 0.5 W max. 40 W
Dimensions: width 430 mm height 70 mm depth 310 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Silver or Black with blue or red led

Mains Adapter
The mains adaptor consists of a large 100 VA toroidal transformer and selected audio condensers with a total capacity of 40,000 uF, both extremely fast and impulse-resistant, thus guaranteeing extremely clean sifting. The operating voltage is smoothed and stabilized by a total of 14 fast-working, discrete, MOSFET regulators, cooled via a common aluminium bar guarantee.


Amplification and De-Emphasis
The often only weak (amounting often to only some microvolts) pick-up signal is equalized and amplified in an elaborate two-stage procedure.

The Primary amplification is performed in the transistor input stage by our double mono construction, fitted with double FET inputs. With no error current, these provide unlimited input resistance, and under conditions of minimal constant capacity have an almost unlimited input resistance.

Every channel uses two specially adjusted Audionet operation amplifiers integrated directly in the input topology. Every Audionet operation amplifier is discretely constructed from 86 individual components characterized by a unique amplification broadband product of 100 MHz.

Input switching occurs between the first and second amplification stage using the amplified and stabilized signal. This extremely elaborate concept avoids all negative audio effects on the switching.

Secondary equalization and amplification is performed in the double mono configured output stage, both of which are equipped with a discrete Audionet operation amplifier integrated in the driver circuit. Their drivers integrate a class-A circuit with high standby current, designed for operation with long cables configured both coaxially and symmetrically.

The PAM G2 mutes its outputs during switching so as to avoid any disruptive popping or snapping noises. Moreover, a safety switch monitors the supply voltage and shuts down the output signal quickly before any interference reaches the loudspeaker. The new PAM G2 issues a warning before any inverted or distorting network connection which could corrupt the sound.

This elaborate and consistently-implemented concept makes the PAM G2 a standard-setter in terms of accuracy and is able to process even the weakest pick-up signal, providing the technical requirements for its phenomenal sound potential.

The new PAM G2 is Audionet’s statement for all phono lovers: an uncompromising concept in a radical realization. Multifunctional and upgradeable, it produces a world-beating sound with unique operation.

Upgrade Using the External Precision Mains Adaptor Audionet EPS G2 or EPX
The EPS G2 and EPX are external precision voltage sources developed to process low-level analogue signals. Providing an exceptionally precise and load-independent supply voltage, it actively and effectively decouples the PAM G2 from all the negative influences of a public electricity supply.

Separation of the mains adaptor from the device prevents disruption of the highly-sensitive signal processing by magnetic, electrical or mechanical emissions from the internal mains adaptor. The EPS G2 as well as the EPX effect a near-palpable increase in stability and calm, spatial illumination and tonal purity, playing music with greater naturality and expression.

Upgrade Using the External Precision Mains Adaptor Controller Audionet EPC
As with the EPS G2 or the EPX, the EPC is an external precision voltage source with the same characteristics described above. The EPC also comes equipped with a high-performance remote-controlled flash micro-control unit performing all the functions of the PAM G2: on-off switch, input selection, amplification setting, input resistance and capacity. All parameters can be set during operation. It is controlled via a purely analogue signal. We have succeeded in decoupling the PAM G2 from the digital controller, eliminating digital sources of interference.

The EPC is fitted with a large vacuum fluorescent 2 row, 16-character display which providing clear-text information regarding all its operating states and settings. Connected to the PAM G2 via a 7 and 40 pole connection cable, the EPC is subject to remote control via the programmable Audionet system remote control Harmony Ultimate One.

Special Features
Connection of up to two record players / pick ups
Universal adjustment without needing to open the device
Completely remote-controllable via the external controller (precision mains adaptor) EPC
Active 2-stage RIAA equalization
No integrated operational amplifier and condenser in the signal path
14 fast, pure and discretely realized MOS controllers for battery-similar current provision
100 VA screened toroidal transformer, 40,000 µF sifting capacity
Class A output stage
Complete DC coupling, subsonic filter via active DC coupling
Double FET inputs, no error current
In- and Outputs
2 pair WBT RCA sockets, gold plated, teflon insulated
2 pair WBT RCA sockets, gold plated, teflon insulated, for additional impedance adjustment
2 WBT RCA sockets, gold plated, teflon insulated
2 XLR sockets (Neutrik), gold plated
Additional in- and outputs:
7-pin input for Audionet EPS G2/EPX (external power supply)
2 screws for earth connection, gold plated
Optional: 40-pin input for EPC connection (only for EPC-factory-supplied PAM G2 Systems!)






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