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True Signal Audio Pitch Black BNC to BNC true 75 ohm


True Signal Audio’s very high bandwidth BNC digital cable.

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True Signal Pitch Black is a multi shielded low loss coax, that  is diverse and  at home moving sound or vision in a detailed way.

We designed the cable in the USA for 4K cameras and its here to stay for all the home cinema buffs out there, this is also a terrific digital cable for your high res DAC’s with BNC connections.


TSA didn’t always make cables for hi-fi systems. But they’ve always been making cables: for the medical industry, the military and – pardon the cliché – NASA. In these fields, signal integrity and reliability are absolutely crucial. It’s where they  cut our teeth and where we gained the expertise we have today.

After chance meeting between their man in the UK, Tony Monaghan, (an inquisitive audio engineer) they started getting involved in the hi-fi industry. TSA had no idea how much fun – and crazy – it would be!

Applying our knowledge to speaker and interconnect cables, we were amazed at the impact designs had on sound quality.

A few years later, in 2015, we founded True Signal Audio to market products under our own brand.

TSAcables are hand-extruded by their parent company in New York State and then shipped to the UK, where a small team of experienced technicians terminate them with high-quality connectors.

Not many hi-fi companies extrude their own cable material; being able to specify, engineer, test and manufacture exactly what we need for a given application is a huge advantage.

When it comes to music, True Signal Audio eschew artifice. Many cables will impose a sonic stamp on what you hear – something they, and we feel is best avoided. True Signal Audio cables transfer the signal with as little loss and distortion as possible so that, when you kick back and put on some tunes, your hi-fi gives its absolute best.

The listed price is for a 1m terminated cable. The price for each additional metre is £160


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