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Merason POW1


Merason POW1 High performance linear PSU for Frérot DAC

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The pow1 is a linear, regulated power supply designed exclusively for the Merason frérot.

It generates -12V and+12V, both regulated in 2 ways, the second regulation being particularly low-noise and discrete. The employed rectifier diodes built into the pow1 are special types which, in contrast to usual rectifier diodes, do not produce any spikes, and therefore no interference in the supply. The reference voltage for the regulation of the +/- 12V supply is generated by a precise IC instead of using the usual Zener diodes.

This gives the advantage of a supply that is exactly matched to the needs of the frérot: By using the pow1, the output stage of the frérot is powered directly by the pow1. In addition, the pow1 is robustly constructed with a toroidal transformer manufactured according to Merason’s specifications, incorporates a metal housing with a shielding cover, and is Swiss made.

The name Merason was chosen as it describes the companies approach and philosophy perfectly. ‘Mera’ means unique, and ‘son’ sound. Combined they form Merason or ‘Unique Sound’

Handcrafted in Worb, Switzerland, with the greatest possible care, Daniel Frauchiger and his Team at Merason craft some exceptional products. Merason’s goal from the beginning was to create very analogue-sounding DACs that perform well above their respective price points; they have more than met that brief, exceeding it by a large margin.

Merason products have quickly gained the attention, and high praise from The Hi-Fi Press, Retailers and customers alike. Reading the reviews and feedback, you will pick out terms like ‘high musicality’ as these often appear. Such is their sonic signature and lack of what is often referred to as ‘digital harshness’ has left even die-hard fans of vinyl and analogue tape impressed, demonstrating what is possible in digital technology when music is experienced through a Merason DAC.

One reviewer stated that in their opinion the “the Merason DAC-1 is a serious contender for best DAC at any price, sonically, it competes toe to toe with the high priced big boys.” – High praise indeed.

There are currently two high precision DAC products available, the DAC1 and Frérot.

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