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EMT STX 5/10 MC Step-up


Silver wire toroidal transformer

The EMT MC step-up transformer has been carefully designed and manufactured in Switzerland to satisfy highest demands for musicality. It is perfectly matched to EMT cartridges as a reference and offers a second output for cartridges with lower output level.

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The toroidal winding technology with purest silver wire and advanced magnetic materials bring this very traditional technology to a new level of ultra-low noise and high resolution.

EMT was founded in 1940 and became famous by manufacturing professional turntables in Lahr, Germany. In 1965, EMT launched the fa- mous MC cartridge TSD 15, which was produced in many ten-thousand pieces and used in broadcast studios all over the world.

In 1974, the portfolio was widened for hi-fi listeners and in 2006, the JSD series was introduced. Since 2014, all EMT cartridges are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

EMT are enthusiastic about music reproduction and we feel sure that analogue technology harmonizes best with the nature of music.

Technical Specs

+14 dB (1:5) / +20 dB (1:10)
99,99% silver
Very low loss alloy
Ground options:
Center tap / Floating / Input Cold
Load options:
EMT /  Open

The STX 5/10 provides 14dB of gain that will match MM inputs perfectly with EMT cartridges, but it also offers a second input with 20dB of gain for pickups that generate a lower output. With switchable grounding options and silver-wound transformers, it offers an enticing option for those who lack, or choose to avoid, an active MC stage.

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