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Exciting new products from FLUX-Hifi

2nd January 2021

We at The Hifi Gallery are delighted to announce we now carry the innovative cleaning products from FLUX-Hifi in Germany.

These interesting products have been well thought out and offer a better user experience than the majority of similar products in the market.

The Sonic stylus cleaner has been designed in conjunction with a cleaning fluid to clean your stylus tip, and bring it back to the cleanliness of the tip when it was new, this means your stylus will track better, minimising wear on the tip and your records. Vibrating cleaners have been around for decades, however most of them don’t use a cleaning solution and vibrate at a very high frequency, which can damage your stylus assembly, Flux-Hifi have designed the Sonic cleaner to operate at a much lower frequency and in conjunction with a brush moistened by their fluid, leaves your stylus tip sparkling clean and with no damage to your stylus, best thing is this can be done whilst arm and cartridge are in situ and takes 15 seconds.

If we look at the Vinyl brush, this one combines the benefits of both Carbon brushes and velvet pads, however die to being curved the pads remove the dust from the surface of your vinyl, not just push it around, meaning you are not damaging your precious records, and no need to ‘swipe’ to remove the dust, the Brush also has a couple of carbon brushes that ‘ground’ the record meaning little to no static charge.

The range also includes, a vacuum record cleaner, The Vinyl Turbo 2.0, small and battery operated, this is a great device for removing dust between the grooves, it won’t replace a wet record cleaning machine, but is useful between washes, or if cleaner takes up too much real estate in your listening room.

Other products are Anti static records sleeves, Stylus cleaning fluid refills, and filters and pads for the Turbo 2.0.

if you wish more information or to purchase please get in touch.

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