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Like a steely blade in a silken sheath.

20th May 2021

This week I have mostly been listening to the unassuming Audionet Watt integrated amplifier.

When I say unassuming I am of course referring to the visuals, the sound  is anything but unassuming, behind it’s sombre exterior lies the heart of a beast, but it’s a beast with feelings, when listening in the wee small hours all the finesse and texture is present, but when you want to get your air guitar out this amp rocks with the best of them, the sound goes loud without any strain or harshness.

The main reason for this is down to the powersupply and architecture, the amp measure 167 watts into 8 ohms, but that doesn’t tell the whole story, this amp has over 200,000 uF of capacitance on hand to cope with the demands of the music, and while it has a damping factor of over 1000 at 100hz this amplifier never sounds dry, it actually has the warmth and clarity of the best valve amplifiers, but the control and definition of the best solid state, this could be the last amplifier you ever need.

We have one on permanent demo at the moment, if you want to hear what the Audionet WATT can do for your musical pleasure please get in touch. on 01592 377163 or email


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