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JERN 11 Ex Demo [SOLD]

Big sound from small speakers.

JERN cabinets are made as a one-piece composite metal structure of proprietary material called ‘’ Vibrakill ‘’.
This material ensures massive stability and density, providing unsurpassed resistance to vibrations and resonance.

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Our very own Jean 11 in red, very sorry to se these go, complete with black grills and rubber rings.


The JERN11 was developed to work very well in small rooms placed close to the walls.

For very deep bass, or for placement away from the walls, a subwoofer can be added.

The JERN11 is the new compact entry level loudspeaker from JERN.

It delivers High End audio quality. The keys to the superior performance are in its components and choice of materials.
JERNis not a mass producer of speakers. Each speaker remains essentially handbuilt by craftsmen with decades of experience at their fingertips.

The name JERN®
In Danish, JERN means IRON, which refers to the cabinet material.
We use our special grade grey cast Iron (called Vibrakill ®), with a very high amount of Graphite (Carbon) mixed in the Iron.
The Graphite dampens our cabinets vibrations 100 times better than Aluminium, and much better than MDF and wood.
Iron is also much stronger and heavier. This also reduce cabinet vibrations, so you mainly hear the good sound from the loudspeaker cones.

Speakers are a part of our homes just like any other piece of furniture or art, and to most people it is important to have a beautiful and stylish home.
JERN®11 differs from other high end speakers because the choice of material and casting method allows our designers and engineers freedom to create new shapes that improve the performance instead of regular square boxes that compromises the sound quality.

The detailed surface of each speaker is unique to that single speaker. It is just like fingerprints; they look similar but in detail there is no other just like yours.

A new generation
The iron for the cabinet is made from recycled materials and it is good for a lifespan of more than a century.

For the best sound quality, you should only hear the sound waves from the loudspeaker drivers. So we want to reduce disturbing vibrations and noise from the cabinet. Different cabinet materials give different vibration levels.

Traditionally, speakers are made from wood because of its low cost and ability to reduce vibrations. JERN focuses on the perfect sound, which is the cornerstone in our production, design, components and choice of materials. The JERN 11, JERN 12 and JERN 14 loudspeakers are made from our special vibration absorbing grey cast Iron (called Vibrakill ) that reduce vibrations up to 100 times better than Aluminium. Our cabinets are also much better than MDF and wood. This is our key component to the clear and clean sound that the JERN loudspeakers delivers.

Reviewers have commented on astonishing imaging. “The height, width and depth created is just staggering, and the imaging is not only precise but rock solid,” Trevor Butler, the Ear On-line.

The speaker design allows music to emerge with exceptional lucidity. Every component is chosen for excellence.

JERN has worked closely with Scan-Speak, SEAS, Audio Technology and Hiquphon to pair their enclosures with carefully chosen drivers which all share two qualities: purity of sound and deeply satisfying musicality.

Subtle background noise is often only noticeable when it’s ‘switched off’. JERN’s stability and density ‘switches it off’ which sets your music free, uncorrupted by singalong resonances and vibrations.

The end result, crystal clear vocals and outstanding imaging producing sound without any hint of confusion between performers and instruments – simply magical.

Clean Carbon Footprint

90% of any JERN speaker can be recycled.

The cast iron cabinet has a lifetime of more than 200 years.

The Bottom Line

Excellent value for money.

The revolutionary design and high-quality resolution is reminiscent of speakers many times the size and price.

If you wish to upgrade your speakers, it will always be economical as all versions use the same enclosure.

Soren Dissing and Ole Christensen’s vision of combining unique, state-of-the-art materials; original hand-built, compact design and very pleasing aesthetics, is a formula that has translated into pure musical bliss!

Now that you’ve heard from us, hear what the experts have to say ……..

“… the sound quality can rival speakers costing many times its price”, Paul Messenger, Stereophile

Technical data

Cabinet Design
Bespoke Wavecor
Bespoke Wavecor
Frequency Range
Max Bass Level
4 Ω
86dB @2. I 83V
Tweetwer Damping
Internal Damping
Crossover Coil
Mundorf 0.26 Ohm
Mundorf Mcap
Internal Wiring
Gold Plated

If you are a connoisseur of pure sound and astonishing imaging, Danish company JERN (pronounced yearn) has designed and manufactured a range of revolutionary cast iron speakers “that are quite simply unbelievable,” according to the reviews.

The revolution is in their construction and design. Hand-built in Denmark, JERN (the Danish word for iron) speakers are “something rather special”, says Trevor Butler, editor of The Ear-Online www.the-ear.net, in his recent review of the JERN 12XF.

There are 8 variants of the Model 1 speaker in the range, and here are the reasons why they are so special. *

The Vision
JERN was born out of Soren Dissing’s personal desire to build a cast iron speaker in his family-owned casting company.

Soren and his brother Peter are second generation owners of Dansk Skalform A/S, a Danish foundry, based in Aars Denmark and established by their father in the 70’s, and today one of the world’s leading High Precision Casting companies, renowned for casting complex engine casting’s for the likes of BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche and Land Rover- Jaguar, amongst others.

Soren Dissing, an audiophile and CEO of Dansk Skalform A/S, had dreamed about developing a speaker unlike any other – a unique speaker cast from iron. After many years of planning, Soren cast, what was to become the first prototype of the Series 1 JERN speaker, however he required someone with audio engineering experience and the knowledge of cast iron and its properties to perfect his concept.

In 2016 Soren met Ole Lund Christensen. An engineer and audiophile like Dissing, Ole also had a vision – to create speakers of pure music sound, both stable, silent and distortion-free; speakers which would play music unpolluted by interference caused by diffraction waves, a curse of box-shaped cabinets.

Dissing had found the perfect partner. Christensen has a recognized pedigree in acoustics having designed some of the world’s top Recording studios and is also the founder of the Gamut Company which created very reputable amplifiers and speakers before he sold the brand to pursue his dream.

Discussions between the two concluded in 2016, and when Ole joined the Dansk Skalform team, JERN Speakers was born.

This successful marriage of Soren’s concept and Ole’s 40 years of engineering expertise, brought to fruition their joint vision; and the result, the unique and highly revered JERN Speaker range – currently the only speaker cabinets in the world manufactured from cast iron.

“All speaker enclosures ‘sing’ and therefore good loudspeaker manufacturers go to great lengths to minimize this resonance. They use either exotic and expensive materials, or wood-based or aluminum cabinets with elaborate internal bracing to control resonance, however none of these materials quite shut out the noise,” explains Christensen.

Thus, in striving to create a sound system which plays music with effortless, refreshing purity, the challenge was focusing both on what you hear, but possibly more importantly, what you don’t hear, and cast iron achieves this.

Unique Materials and Unparalleled Technology

JERN speakers are made from high graphite cast iron, an advanced material achieving sound results all other materials fail to achieve. Cast iron is used in most engine blocks because of its stability and noise reduction.

JERN patented this combination of graphite and cast iron, and the result – VIBRAKILL technology – is unique in that it reduces vibrations and resonance approximately 10 times more effectively than wood-based materials and 100 times more than aluminum and is highly stable.

Each iron enclosure is made exclusively by JERN’s parent company Dansk Skalform A/S.

In the manufacturing process the iron is melted to 1450 degrees Celsius using the precise Croning Process developed by Johannes Croning a German Engineer in 1929 to create a one-piece, rounded enclosure which is so strong it can withstand a 5-ton load. Such immense strength and density provide outstanding resistance to the vibrations and resonances that pollute all conventional speaker cabinets.

During the cooling process the low-density graphite forms 3-dimensional dome shapes inside the high-density iron, and it is this fusion that limits vibrations to an extraordinary degree.

The entire inner surface of the casting is shaped with these domes which break up and reduce standing waves, creating an acoustically neutral enclosure. The domes are structural, shaped into the casting, not attached, so they can never fail over time.

In addition, there is no bass reflex port, therefore no port noise.

It is this innovative combination of geometry, low resonance, and extremely dense mass that results in JERN Speakers’ uniqueness.

Organic Spherical Design

JERN Speakers are every bit as beautiful as they sound, unlike most speakers which are not particularly attractive.

Diffraction waves are the curse of speaker manufacturers as they contaminate the original signal. JERN’s spherical, organic shape produces pure, crisp sound without the interference caused by diffraction from cabinet edges.

Their curved shape (not dissimilar to a Russian Babushka doll), not only facilitates greater sound quality but also adds to their elegant and pleasing aesthetic, which enhances any interior situation.

After casting, the speakers are powder coated in a range of colours, creating a smooth, appealing finish.

Their compact size (approximately 30cm high, 19,5cm deep and 21cm at their maximum width) is practical and perfect in situations where space is limited. And as there is no base reflex port, the speakers can be positioned very close to any rear wall.


CDS Cast Dome Structure
CDS is a surface of small domes on the inside of the speaker cabinet. The cast cone surface subdue and spread standing sound waves that are the key to providing a complete acoustically neutral cabinet.

OPC One Piece Cabinet
Our OPC sand cast technology makes it possible to create the entire cabinet in one durable structure, which allows a solid mounting of the speaker unit, which contributes to a vibration free cabinet and a much longer lifespan of the speaker.

UFS Unique Fingerprint Surface
Each of our speakers have a unique surface. It is uniquely created when the iron flows into the mould. The unique patterns are just like fingerprints which means that there are never two speakers that are exactly the same.

Finally the cabinet gets a high quality powder coating.

LRM Low resonance material
LRM is our technology flagship and one of the most important factors when it comes to reducing vibrations within the cabinet. The cabinet of JERN14 has an ability to reduce vibrations 50 times better than other conventional speaker materials.

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