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Accustic Arts Power I Integrated

ACCUSTIC ARTS® POWER I: The long-term audiophile hit

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The long-term audiophile “hit” and brilliant integrated power amplifier ACCUSTIC ARTS® POWER I is manufactured since 2002. The current version once again exploits a tried and tested circuitry technology and includes a number of improvements.

Technical Data

Inputs: 2 x balanced high level inputs (XLR) 3 x unbalanced high level inputs (RCA/Chinch) 1 x unbal. as high level input or SURROUND-BYPASS (RCA)
2 x balanced high level inputs (XLR) 3 x unbalanced high level inputs (RCA/Chinch) 1 x unbal. as high level input or SURROUND-BYPASS (RCA)
Headphones output:
1 x metal female jack 6.3 mm; <25 Ω
1 x unbalanced pre-output (RCA); 47 Ω
Signal difference left/right:
< 0.4 dB (from 0 dB to -40 dB)
Input resistance: balanced:
2 x 50 kΩ unbalanced: 50 kΩ
Total transformer power:
max. 500 VA (watts)
Power supply capacity:
more than 80,000 µF
Rated power output (at THD+N = 0.1 %):
2 x 260 watts on 4 Ω 2 x 170 watts on 8 Ω
Rise time / fall time:
4.6 µs with 4 Ω load
-97 dBA (ref. 6.325 V) – A weighted
Distortion (THD+N):
> 0.015
Damping factor:
> 700
Power Consumption:
approx. 60 watts (without load)
Dimensions (H x W x D):
145 x 482 x 430 mm / 5.7 x 19 x 17 inches
Weight: approx.
22 kg / 48 lbs.

POWER I highlights

Audiophile integrated stereo power amplifier with high output
12 selected Bipolar output transistors of highest quality
Encapsulated 500 VA toroidal core transformer of premium quality for high output reserves; separate windings for preamp section and for power amp section
Integrated, switchable headphones amplifier of premium quality
Very good smoothing thanks to more than 54.000 µF power supply capacity
High damping factor for high output reserves
Integrated protective circuit switches ascents off when clipping, HF oscillations, too high temperature or too high DC offset occurs
Constant low operating temperature due to generously dimensioned heat sink
2 x balanced high level inputs (XLR)
3 x unbalanced high level inputs (RCA/Chinch), can be configured as high-level input or “SURROUND-BYPASS”
1 x unbalanced pre-output (RCA/Chinch), configurable as RECORD output or preamp output
Separate level adjustment for each input
Premium quality, gold-plated speaker terminals
Premium quality, long-term stable relays
Highly accurate microprocessor controlled volume control
Encapsulated high grade volume potentiometer Full metal housing for optimum shielding
Front panel made of brushed aluminum; turning knobs/push buttons made of massive and chromed brass
ACCUSTIC ARTS® remote control RC II
ACCUSTIC ARTS® POWER I is “Handmade in Germany”

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