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Thales Tonarm Simplicity II reference tonearm


The THALES SIMPLICITY II sets the benchmark for what is possible in tonearm-design today.

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The tracking geometry is based on a unique tetragon solution that reduces the tracking-error to 0,006°. Our new TTF-bearing-technology makes sure the performance achieves a level never reached before, as the micro-ball-bearings are arranged in a tension-free setup. The intrinsic frequencies of the two tonearm tubes are carefully tuned to improve on the damping properties of any single arm tube design.



Optimized geometry, max. 0.006° tracking error
Bearing with five axis and ten micro ball bearing
Fine-adjustment mechanism for VTA and Azimuth
Chrome plated brass-parts
Anodized aluminium-parts (bronze, black or grey)
Exchangable headshell, anodized finish
Effective length: 9 inches
Effective tonearm-mass: 18g
Integrated 5-pin-DIN-connector
Option: direct wiring / terminal RCA/XLR

The SIMPLICITY II comes with a special tool to make sure the installation is as precise as the manufacturing. The headshell can be removed very easily for exact alignment of the cartridge. Three different counter weights, each with a different mass are supplied to enable a wide range of cartridges to be used (7 to 23 grams).

The tonearm is available in bronze, grey or black anodized finish and is featured with Thales’s our own internal wiring. This wiring is very flexible and made of purest copper. Three different wiring terminations are available.

Direct wiring available for £1340

Available in 3 different finishes: Bronze, Grey and Black

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